Facebook Tips for Bloggers, from Matt Jacobson

At the Disney Social Media Moms, we were excited to hear from Matt Jacobson, director of Market Development at Facebook. Yes, as in Facebook, the company. He was the 8th employee of Facebook in the early days. He gave us some tips and “Best Practices” for getting the most out of Facebook. Current Facebook Trends […]

What Makes a Great Blog Design? | Ask a Mom Blogger

Welcome to the second installment of “Ask a Mom Blogger!”  Our weekly advice column for bloggers, where we can share our tips, tricks, and how-to information with each other! Each Thursday, I’ll post a reader question and we can go to town in the comments! Last week, we talked about how to get more traffic […]

How Do I Get More Blog Traffic? | Ask a Mom Blogger

Yesterday, I was inspired by Stacie to start an advice column of sorts.  Not that I have all the answers, but the best thing about a BLOG advice column is that we can get lots of answers in the comments from a variety of different people! Our first question comes from Wendy from Living Water… […]

Hubspot Feature: Can Companies Engage Independent Bloggers?

In September of 2009, I created this video for the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Blog, some basic ways a company can work with independent bloggers. If you’re launching a new product — or even just putting new energy into an old product — the holy grail of marketing is a hearty endorsement from a popular independent […]