Sarah PinnixSarah Pinnix is a blogger, interactive media marketing strategist, and mom of three. She plots her world domination schemes from a small town in the NC Mountains. Sarah began blogging in 2007 with Family Life & Faith blog Real Life with Sarah. She founded High Country Mom Squad, an online magazine for Northwest NC Moms (now under new management). After being stopped in various public places for impromptu social media brainstorming, Sarah created a local Social Marketing Workshop teaching business people how to change their marketing paradigm using social media tools. She is now full-time Social Media Marketing Specialist for a large international NGO. Sarah regularly consults with businesses and public figures, specializing in Facebook advertising strategy.

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Social Media Snake Oil Salesman

A Social Media Expert Scheme You May Fall For

A good social media consultant is familiar with gray- and black-hat techniques so she can protect your brand from falling for them. I’ve been around the social media scene since Facebook started exploding in 2007. Compared to the half-life of most people in social media, that’s a long time. But even as far back as the […]

Poorly-Built Facebook Audience

How “Engagement” May Be Killing Your Facebook ROI

You’ve spent years and thousands of dollars building your Facebook audience. You’ve integrated the Facebook logo into every aspect of your business communications. You expected that your Facebook fans would provide a cash cow if you just followed that latest social media guru’s advice. They said engagement was the key. THE most important strategy on […]

Type A Parent

#TypeAParent Brand to Blogger Chat

I was honored when Kelby Carr of Type A Parent asked me to be a panelist in one of her Brand to Blogger Twitter Chats. In my capacity as Social Media Marketing Specialist for Samaritan’s Purse, I love to work with bloggers who are passionate about the type of work we do. What is a […]

3 Ways You May Be Breaking the Law on Facebook

3 Ways You May Be Breaking the Law on Facebook

For the casual user, Facebook is just a fun way to share interesting content with friends. But as a casual user, it’s sometimes hard to spot content that’s been stolen or used without permission. I’ve been a blogger (aka “content creator”) for the past 5 years. I know what it takes to constantly come up […]

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